For the Parish of Clonakilty

This form is to be used by the parents to request a date for their child's Baptism
Baptism dates in the parish of Clonakilty are on Saturdays at 4:00pm
Before you begin you will need to have a copy of the Birth Certificate ready to upload as a file
Also please take care to ensure the details you complete correspond with those on the Birth Certificate

After submitting your requested date please wait for this to be confirmed

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For the baptismal record you may nominate one Godfather and/or one Godmother

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Data and Privacy

The personal data in this form will be used by the parish to celebrate your child’s Baptism
and to register the Baptism in the Baptismal Register as required by Church law. The copy of the birth
certificate you submit with this form will be destroyed once the Baptism is registered in the Baptism register.
The information inserted in the Baptismal register will be retained permanently. This form will be retained
for one year after your child’s Baptism. If you consent (see below), the name of your child, the fact of Baptism
and the street or townland (taken as the mother’s address unless otherwise indicated) will be published in the
parish newsletter (which may be made available online). With your consent (see below), photographs of your
child, family and sponsors may be taken by the parish and may be published in the parish newsletter, parish
website and/or social media sites. You/your child’s data will be processed in accordance with Articles 6(1)
(a), 6 (1) (b), 6 (1) (f), 9 (2) (a) and 9 (2) (d) of the General Data Protection Regulation, 2016

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